Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall

As part of Vibrant 9’s core services, we offer a full-scale Web Application Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (WAF/IPS) to comprehensively manage web application access.

Operating as part of an individual Virtual Private Cloud, the WAF offers your business exclusive coverage against an array of potential cybersecurity threats including Form and Hidden field manipulation, Cross-site scripting, Script and SQL Injections, Malicious Payloads, Cookie poisoning, DNS and Protocol Exploits, among others.

Vibrant 9’s WAF solution gives your web applications access to the most cutting edge firewall available today, including a range of featured benefits:

Application Whitelisting
Threat Blacklisting
Behaviour Analysis
Precise Administration Tools
And many more

Our Web Application Firewall solution monitors traffic as requests access to your applications, identifying and filtering out malicious traffic before its request is authenticated. Offering comprehensive protection against illegitimate traffic the WAF serves as a shield for your Web and Mobile Based Apps, Services, and Sites.

A broad general Web Application Firewall and Intrusion Prevention system acts as the first line of defense against cyberattacks and is a central technology of any web security platform. Covering against all potential vulnerabilities outlined in the OWASP Top 10 among others, our WAF solution takes a multi-factored approach to protect against common vulnerabilities as well as halt zero-day attacks.


Our WAF/IPS employs a multifaceted approach considering a number of factors in order to thoroughly identify and block all instances of illegitimate traffic and mitigate risk. Techniques include Application Whitelisting, Blacklisting, Behavioural Analysis, Machine Learning, and Granular ACL.

Application Whitelisting

This process involves the automatic generation or managed implementation of trusted headers, HTTP methods, resources, content types, forms, input fields, etc. built into the application through well-defined rules. One implemented, the strict rule set renders your application secure from virtually any form of code injection.


Gain security peace of mind through Blacklisting’s comprehensive database of virtually all known technical web application vulnerabilities compiled in tandem with neutralizing solutions. As new threats emerge, Blacklisting allows for automatic revision with new solutions pushed instantaneously to all cloud deployments, globally.

Granular ACL (Access Control Lists)

Making use of high-performance Access Control technology, solution's Web Application Firewall acts as a filtration unit, sorting all traffic into three distinct forms.

Static Lists
Dynamic State

Static ACL

Static ACL solutions are clear-cut collections of pre-approved and prohibited IP addresses, IP ranges, organizations, ISPs, or geolocations that form the basis of access permissions.

Semi-Dynamic ACL

Semi-Dynamic ACLs provide an added layer of defense through periodic updates primarily focused on managed lists of cloud infrastructures such as TOR networks, anonymous proxies, and VPN providers. The Solution ensures up to date information by updating the dataset and platform at appropriate intervals, for instance, TOR networks are updated every 30 minutes, whereas networks of cloud providers and proxy servers are updated every 24 hours.

Dynamic ACL

With the use of Dynamic ACLs, harness the ability to define the logic and rulesets of your platform through an automatic system using behaviour and activity to minimize user intervention. Dynamic ACLs include Bots, Unknown Proxies, Brute Force, among others. The Dynamic ACL offers a simply installed and activated approach to granular security policies for your platform: from universally applied ACL to more narrowly defined clusters of sites, applications, or individual URLs. The WAF’s collective ACL abilities are highly powerful, and customizable to meet the degrees of specification your platform requires.

Behavioural Analysis and Machine Learning

Bring your security solution to the next level with cutting edge behavioural analysis and machine learning technologies. Each deployment anonymously records incoming traffic and redirects records into a central Big Data archive containing all access requests from each deployment on a global scale. This data is then analyzed by machine learning technology to identify traffic and behavioural patterns typically associated with authentic and illegitimate requests, subsequently updating all deployments. Acting as a web immune system, our behavioural analysis identifies new web threats and immunizes itself to protect from previously unknown techniques.

These same machine learning approaches to threat identification are applied on a smaller scale to each application it monitors and protects. Solution builds an intricate, full-scale model of legitimate user behaviour as it learns how legitimate users behave and interact with your products through device and browser statistics, analytics, the interface events (mouse clicks, screen taps, scrolls, etc.) they generate, and much more.

In theory, any user deemed hostile must deviate from typical, admissible behaviour (whether human interaction or automated interference). With this in mind, Solution adapts to changing situations and blocks hostile behaviours from accessing your application.

Our WAF Solution is only a piece in the puzzle of our complete platform of comprehensive, highly powerful security and management services for your web applications. Solution Data Sheets has an extended look at the total capabilities offered.