Managed Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions find the perfect blend of public, private, and dedicated cloud technologies for your unique business operations. Whether large or small, our team of experts manages an effortlessly accessible cloud infrastructure at your convenience, allowing for control over your cloud architecture.

Dedicated Cloud Dedicated Cloud

The sky’s the limit with your own dedicated high-speed cloud platform, custom-designed to exceed expectations whilst meeting each of your businesses' cloud requirements. Find solace in ensuring your cloud applications run under maximized efficiency with your very own Dedicated Cloud.

Private Cloud Private Cloud

Looking for a more customizable, cost-efficient, cloud experience? Enjoy the benefits of heightened security, environment flexibility, and ensured resource availability with our private cloud infrastructure. Private Cloud strikes a balance between public and dedicated cloud infrastructure to create high speed, low cost, cloud solutions with fixed monthly pricing.

Public Cloud Public Cloud

Look no further than the public cloud for simple and easy cloud solutions to get your infrastructure up and running. Expertly configured and managed by our team of experts, get the most out of the public cloud experience with customized strategic direction, making the simple, simpler.

Desktop as a Service Desktop as a Service

Deploy advanced desktop and app deliverables and we’ll power the infrastructure for you with VMware Horizon DaaS on our high speed Shared Cloud Platform. The easiest way to deliver cloud-hosted virtual machines at scale, to any device around the globe.